Design Your 4-Season Garden - Online Garden Design Course

Create colorful garden beds that change with the seasons.

Design Your 4-Season Garden

I'll show you how to create gorgeous garden beds that look outstanding in every season!

(Yes, in any zone or location, no matter what your conditions)

Learning how to create a beautiful landscape can be an exciting (and challenging) new adventure!

Even though we'd all LOVE to have a gorgeous garden oasis, unanswered questions can often hold us back from making that dream a reality.

What steps to take… in what order? 
What plants to pick… and how many?

Trust me... I've heard, thought (and probably even said) it all 🙈. 

I used to believe that garden centers were out to get me...
and that nothing would grow in my terrible soil...
and that I didn't have a green thumb...
and that I wasn’t creative enough to make my vision a reality. 

"Am I even doing this right?" and "there has to be a better way" are thoughts that popped into my head dozens of times throughout my gardening journey.

If you can relate... there's good news for you. Because these issues ARE now solvable with my step-by-step garden design system.

Whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring you CAN step out into a landscape that brings you the serenity, freedom and peace you've been seeking.

In fact, after developing the framework I'll be teaching you, this is the space I get to enjoy in my own backyard.

Amy's Backyard, Northeast PA (Zone 6B)

In my Design Your 4-Season course, you’ll learn my framework to design a landscape that looks great all year long.

I've always wanted a natural (and wild) cottage garden right outside my back door. And, here's what I created for myself.

This 4-season garden bed changes every few weeks. Here are some photos in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Imagine creating a space that's exactly what YOU dream about.

In this course, you'll learn how to design the landscape YOU want—whether it's wild and free (like mine) or a bit more polished, traditional or even modern in style.

I can help you make your dream garden a reality.  Just like I helped Melissa with her magical shade garden! 

Melissa's Magical Shade Garden Transformation

Melissa's Backyard, before & after this course. This 48’ x 15’ bed was 95% empty when she started the course. Different sun exposures and the sheer size of this bed made it a daunting task.

Melissa's backyard (near Boston, Zone 6) was a complete blank slate. She dreamed of having a beautiful cottage-style garden. But, her efforts never felt successful.

“I had no idea how to design a garden," she said. "Periodically, I would buy a few plants at the nursery, haphazardly plant them, pay little attention to them and of course nothing resembling a garden resulted."

Melissa thought the only solution was to hire a professional. But, when she was quoted $18,000 with a 4-5 month wait time, she took to books and the internet to try to learn how to design the space herself.

While she was committed to her project and full of energy and enthusiasm, it didn’t come without challenges.

"By a stroke of luck, I found YOU. What you read in books and magazines never breaks down the 'how to' like this course does,” she said.  

The step-by-step framework in the course enabled her to make her own plant selections with confidence.

“This course is fantastic! Amy has done a very thorough job in preparing top notch videos and a plethora of useful materials to guide the design process. She is very generous with her time and provided outstanding thoughtful responses to my questions."

The end result? A gorgeous 4-season cottage garden that incorporates all of the plants and colors that Melissa loves. 

“It’s been quite a life-changing experience, thanks to you! Looking at my 'before' photos right now is pretty shocking,” she said. 

See what's possible in this walkthrough of Melissa's gardens, created after taking the Design Your 4-Season Garden course.

"A MASSIVE transformation took place. I designed a beautiful garden from scratch and planted it. I know all of the steps and considerations needed to design a garden. I loved Amy’s step by step approach. It was so logical, practical and effective.

I always wondered why there wasn’t a course like this, and then I found it!

If you are a gardening novice and are remotely considering this course, take it. You will be happy you did.

This course has changed the way I think about gardening and has inspired and empowered me. I am so grateful that I found Amy and Pretty Purple Door. I have a new hobby I will enjoy for many years as a result!”

Massachusetts (Zone 6)

Melissa's Side Yard, before & after this course.

Plants can take 3 years to mature. Don’t let another season go by!

What To Expect

The Design Your 4-Season Garden Course is one of the only gardening resources you'll find that gives you a step-by-step process that is simple and systematic.

It's easy, fun and suitable for all skill levels.

In the course, you'll learn "The 4-Season Garden Design Framework" for long-lasting color and interest so you can finally bring your dream garden to life!

By the end of this course, you’ll have designed your first beautiful, 4-season garden bed from start to finish—with me!  We'll start with a manageable size (around 15' x 6'), so you can learn my framework without the overwhelm.

Afterwards, you'll have the skills and confidence to continue tackling other areas of your yard.

Take a tour of Lori's Perennial Border to see what's possible!

Plan your new garden bed

Get your garden going by starting with a planting area that feels doable. I’ll take you through a simple process of planning out your 15' wide x 6' deep garden bed.  

Garden with me

Plan alongside me! In the spirit of practicing what I teach, I’ll take you with me as I go through the entire framework to design a brand new garden bed with you!

Rinse and repeat

Use the same system to create as many garden beds as you’d like! You’ll have the skills to take on larger projects and improve your designs as you go.

screenshot of course area

Learn at your pace

This self-paced course is designed for all kinds of students with very different types of schedules. Plus, you can revisit the material everytime you need a refresher!

closeup of color resource document

Resources Galore

You'll get workbooks, planning sheets, cheatsheets, FAQ docs, and video tutorials! Everything included makes planning and implementing a breeze. 

example garden plan

Plug & Play Layouts

Worried you won’t be able to create your own design plan from scratch? I’ve created over 27 professional garden bed layouts you can use as-is or customize to match your vision. 

examining a plant up close

Become a Plant Detective

Identify a plant's characteristics by looking at it! Even if you've never seen it before, you'll know where a plant will thrive with the Plant ID Made Easy Guide.

screenshot of facebook group

Bonus Garden Community

For a limited time, take part in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and learn from other passionate gardeners using the same principles you'll be learning.

screenshot of plant database

Bonus Plant Finder

Resources like how and where to find the best plants and bonus access to my personal plant database will unlock tons of long-blooming plants that you can use in your own garden.

"This course is by far the best investment I've made so far this year.

I'm going slowly because I'm enjoying it so much.

It makes perfect sense and is backed up by historical fact and evolutionary concepts of both gardening and design...

Gardening used to be my passion.

My partner now says it is my obsession.

I have thrills of pleasure when I think of the adventure of creation.

I do NOT regret taking this course. It is a wonderful gift to myself for years to come.


Ontario, Canada (Zone 6)

$159/mo for 3 Months
Pay-in-Full $397 (save $80)

A Step-by-Step Approach to Garden Design

Back in 2012, I was racking my brain to "unlock" the secrets to designing a stunning garden. but no matter what I did, my garden always felt too amateurish... too messy... too empty... or just plain "off."

To make things worse... plants take soooo danggg longgg to grow. Seriously… it can take years before anything looks good if you’re just winging it (ask me how I know 🤣🤣🤣).

Amy's garden throughout the seasons (look for the archway in each of the photos).

So, you may be wondering what changed for me?

I didn’t start seeing success until I stopped piecing together all of the wildly differing approaches I found in gardening books, online articles and YouTube videos. This hodgepodge learning wasn't getting me ANY closer to my dream garden.

But, I do have a degree and 15+ years of experience in the Graphic Design field… so I went with what I already knew. 

And that skill became the catalyst for the step-by-step framework you'll learn from me. I developed a singular approach to planting design based on design principles I knew inside and out. 

And everything clicked so fast 🚀😳.

Amy's Garden, Before & After

That approach/framework led to the Design Your 4-Season Garden course… and it’s helped hundreds of people get their dream garden. 

This is NOT an approach you’ll find in ANY gardening book (or anywhere else).


"I think so many people just kind of shoot in the dark with gardening and hope it all works out. This course takes away all the guess work. I know that the garden I am creating will be just what I want and I skip so much of the trial and error part!"

Karen B.

A Valuable Garden Design Resource

Behind the Scenes Look

Watch this video for a peek inside the course & see what it's like when you enroll.

"The 4-Season Garden Design Framework"

When you register for my Design Your 4-Season Garden course, you will FINALLY understand how to create as many showstopping, year-round gardens as your home needs. My online course makes it easy as ABC... DEFG!

And yes, the course will teach you how to do this for any zone, any light, water and soil conditions.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll be discovering:

🌷 MODULE A: Learn how to choose the one plant that creates unity & flow in your landscape… No matter which zone (or country) you’re in! If you have felt frustrated or bored by the plant selection in catalogs or your local nursery, there’s good news! I’ll share how to find tons of plants that will actually grow in your zone. You'll also get my list of favorites and bonus access to my personal plants database filled with colorful plants with multi-season interest.

🌷 MODULE B: Learn about the most overlooked layer of the garden and how to use it to build 'structure' so it looks great—even when it's not in bloom. This ensures you'll love what you see, regardless of the season.

🌷 MODULE C: Learn how to strategically (and safely!) use color to support the plant you chose in Module A. As a bonus, you also get my Color Scheme Swipe File with real-life examples of my recommended color palettes in action. When you see these gorgeous combinations, you’ll be clear about what you want for your garden.

🌷 MODULE D: After all the theory, it’s time for your pencil to hit the graph paper. You’ll discover how to use my 5 garden planning worksheets to design your unique planting plan. Nervous about sketching a plan or arranging your plants? I've got you covered with over 27 bonus garden bed layouts that you can use as-is or adapt to fit your needs. No degree or expert drawing skills are required.

🌷 MODULE E: If you ever worried about going overboard with “fun” or “exciting” elements, I’m going to share how to add just the right amount of excitement to your garden with plants & features that will make your design pop. Your garden will have that perfect balance of unity and contrast, which professional designers always strive for. 

🌷 MODULE F: Discover how to use my planning worksheets to finalize your planting plan and check your work. The resources, worksheets and FAQ docs in this section will ensure your success, even if you're a beginner

🌷 MODULE G: Learn basic (and advanced) hacks for planting up a successful and sustainable garden bed—including how to create a garden bed without digging! This will make it easy for you to translate your on-paper plan to your real life dream garden.

"I really had no idea how to approach my front yard at all. I wanted my yard to look good but... I was definitely frustrated and even a little hopeless. 

I watched my neighbors lose hundreds of dollars on plants that failed within weeks. 

Because I didn't yet know any of the techniques for working with color and texture that Amy teaches in Design Your 4-Season Garden, my initial plan was just to do all-white flowers. But the more I looked, the more I struggled to find even those. 

The last thing I wanted to do was waste money, so I kept waiting to buy anything. 

Amy shows you how to find a ton of suitable plants for your zone. I was blown away by all the options I didn't know existed!

JR's Garden Plan - it's not all white anymore - YAY!

So, even if you're feeling hopeless like I was, don't despair! When you discover how to find all the plants, you have so many more options than you currently even realize.

If you want a front yard or garden that looks amazing all the time, you won't regret enrolling in Design Your 4-Season Garden. 

Amy is wonderful and generous with her information. All you have to do is watch the videos, print some worksheets and start your plan with her step-by-step framework. 

With that plan, you'll save time, energy and money avoiding things that won't work in your garden."

Central California (Zone 9)

Who is this course for?

Not sure if you're a great fit for this program? This course is for you if you fit any of the following: 

✅ You're a garden enthusiast of any skill level or background wanting to design a beautiful, unique 4-season landscape. 

✅ You’re an aspiring professional who may want to pursue garden design as a profession someday.

✅ You’re already a professional and are looking for a repeatable process to design gardens with multi-season interest for your clients.

✅ You want to express your creativity and feel amazing in your outdoor space - no matter what that means to you.

✅ Your life is hectic and you’re looking for a rewarding DIY project to get your hands dirty to relieve some of that stress.

✅ OR, you love the idea of choosing plants and designing a plan, but DON’T like getting your hands dirty (you can always hand off the design to a landscaper to install it).

✅ You want to be able to walk into a garden center and actually know what plants will look good in your space.

You're tired of wasting time choosing plants in your garden that ultimately do not work together.

✅ You struggle to actually purchase plants because you don’t know if they’re the right ones and don’t want to waste your money.

✅ You like the idea of planning out a garden, but have never created/followed a garden plan. But, flying by the seat of your ‘plants’ just isn’t cutting it anymore.

You have grand dreams in your mind, but you’re struggling to create a garden that makes you happy. 

✅ You want to gain the skills & confidence to continue tackling other areas of your yard.

✅ You like to learn at your own pace and are ok with asking questions via email (this isn’t live).


Who shouldn't take this course:

❌ This course isn't for you if you're looking for a set-and-forget garden plan. If you don't want to learn how garden plans are designed and developed, you would be better served by hiring a local professional.

❌ This is not for you if need to develop an extensive master plan for your entire property (such as planning hardscape, creating full property design mockups,  developing project phases, or managing complex budgets). We only focus on what's inside the garden beds.

❌ If you're looking for a quick-fix solution to a small or specific landscaping problem (like troubleshooting your soil quality or selecting a few replacement plants), this course is not a great fit.

"I’ve tried so hard to beautify my yard with a garden here and a garden there. I had such grand dreams in my mind of what it will all look like when I’m done. I picture myself sitting outside surrounded by gorgeous blooms, but the reality was pretty disappointing.

Before this course, I felt really overwhelmed with trying to create a cohesive and enjoyable garden. My gardening was very random, which sometimes worked out well (by accident) but oftentimes left me underwhelmed and frustrated with my garden areas.

The step-by-step planning of a cohesive well-thought-out garden was exactly what I needed! Everything made sense once I put the knowledge I learned into practice.

This course has given me confidence that I can create a beautiful space in my yard for any season of the year. I would definitely recommend this course to others, particularly those like me who might be struggling with the actual planning aspect of gardening.

If you're tired of wasting time randomly putting plants together in your garden that ultimately do not work or that do not work together, this course will give you tools to coordinate and PLAN your garden space.

If you struggle with being a not-the-best-planner personality like me, if you fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants like me (with often lackluster and frustrating results) and are looking for a "magic formula" for planning a successful garden, I think this course is what you're looking for!

This course teaches some really great basics that you can use to build a uniquely-you garden that works."

Jaime T.
South Carolina (Zone 8)

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in _________ city/country. Can this course still work for me?

Yes, absolutely. My framework will show you how to choose plants, how to research the right plants, how to work with colors and how to create seasonal interest using bloom sequencing. These are garden design principles that are not tethered to any location or climate.

You won't be told what to plant... you'll learn how to confidently choose your own plants. So, you can take the course from anywhere. In fact, I have students all over the world (USA, Canada, Europe and even Australia). 

If you're curious, I live in Northeast Pennsylvania, USA, near the Pocono Mountains. If you're familiar with the TV show The Office, Scranton is very nearby. My gardening zone is 6B.

What if I'm unhappy with the course? Is there a guarantee?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with the course, please contact me within 14 days of your purchase and I will give you a full refund.

What if I get stuck? Do you provide any support or feedback?

Yes, you can get support through the Facebook group. And, if you're not on Facebook you can also reach out via email if you have questions or need clarification. You will receive the special student-only support email address when you enroll.

This is not a one-on-one program, but my team and I do try to provide you with the support needed to ensure you're successful!

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. There's more than 4 hours of video lessons included. Most students get through the content in about 2-3 weeks.

How long do I have access to the course?

You'll have unlimited lifetime access to this course for as long - across any and all devices you own. You'll even have access to any future updates.

This is for as long as the course exists. If I decide not to offer it anymore, I'll provide you with instructions to download the material.

How much does this cost in my currency?

The course is priced in USD and is approximately $215/mo (for 3 months) in Canadian dollars. To get your exact cost, use this Online Currency Converter.

My garden bed is a different size than 15' wide x 6' deep. Is that a problem?

No, not at all! I chose a 15' wide by 6' deep garden bed area because it's a common and manageable size to start with. But, you can use this framework to design garden beds of any size or shape. I would still recommend you start with a small area, though! 

I'm not starting with a blank slate and have existing plants I need to work around. Will this be a problem?

I know this feels like a unique challenge, but I assure you that 95% of gardeners do not start from a blank slate.

First, go through the course materials and make your plant selections. If possible, incorporate these existing plants into your garden plan. It's especially beneficial to use any large established evergreen or deciduous shrubs that you like. This will save you a lot of money and time (full-grown, established shrubs can take years to reach maturity).

For smaller plants, you can decide if they fit into your color scheme and plan. Most are easy to remove and relocate to a new area of your garden. Or you can gift/trade them with friends!

Can I design the plan and give it to a landscaper to install?

Absolutely! This is a great option if you want to design a landscape that's uniquely you, but you don't have the time or energy to install it yourself. I have students who do all the work themselves and others who will hire out various parts of their projects. 

I need to design a layout for my whole property. Will this help?

You can use this process to design lots of garden beds around your property. But, we only focus on what's inside the garden beds.

This course will NOT help you develop an extensive master plan for your entire property (such as how to plan hardscaping, design layouts or develop budgets).

Will this help me with: Deer? Rabbits? Squirrels? Clay Soil? Weeds, etc.?

Yes and no. This course is not a quick-fix solution to any 'specific' landscaping problem you may be dealing with. Don't expect to receive secret lists of plants that will never die or that deer will never eat.

But, you can expect to gain a much better understanding of what to plant and WHY. I'll teach you how to find plants that are right for your space, climate and conditions. There's a lot more available than you may think. 

Does this work for front yards? How about backyards?

Yes! My students are creating front yard garden beds, foundation plantings, hellstrip designs and backyard oasis gardens using this framework. It will work everywhere on your property. 

How long do I get access to the Facebook group?

The Facebook group is a bonus for the course and has been active since August,  2019. You can stay in the Facebook group as long as you'd like for as long as this bonus is available. There's no time limit.

Do I HAVE to join the Facebook Group?

No, you are not required to join the Facebook group. You do NOT need a  Facebook account in order to take this course.

The Facebook group is simply a fun bonus resource that's included with your purchase. The actual course content is not delivered through the Facebook group.

I've never gardened before. Is this too advanced?

This course is suitable for gardeners of all skill levels. Lots of complete beginners have gone through the course successfully (read the testimonials on this page to hear from them).

If you want to learn about garden planning but aren't sure you're ready to take on a big project just yet, check out my Garden Planning 101 course.

I've been gardening for years, is this too basic for me?

That depends on what you know about gardening. I've helped lifelong gardeners, master gardeners and even fellow landscape designers with my garden design framework (read the testimonials on this page to hear from them). If you love gardening, but haven't learned design and/or color theory, or struggle to create garden beds with seasonal interest, you will get a lot from this course. 

Do you offer consults or plan reviews?

No. I do not design garden plans virtually. If that's what you need, the best option is to hire a local professional who is familiar with your climate and conditions.

However, the course comes with support via email and a private Facebook group. You can also purchase a Garden Plan Review (in the checkout) for an additional fee if you want me to look at your plan and give you my feedback before you implement it. 

Can I hire you to do this for me?

No. I do not design garden plans virtually. If that's what you need, the best option is to hire a local professional who is familiar with your climate and conditions.

How did you arrive at the course fee?

The national (US) average cost to hire a landscape designer is over $4,500 (that's just for a plan, not for materials or installation).

I wanted this to be an affordable alternative for home owners so I priced it at less than 10% of what you'd pay at a minimum. This gives lots of extra $$$ to buy all of your beautiful plants.

Source, HomeAdvisor:

How much will it cost to complete my first garden bed?

The garden bed design layouts in the course include 16-30 plants. So you can plan to purchase about that many plants.

According to a recent poll, my students spend between $500-750 on plants to complete their course garden bed. I have some students who spend less and some who spend a lot more. 

You may also need to purchase garden soil, fertilizer, mulch and a few tools (if you don't have the basics, yet).

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Click here to pay $159/month for 3 months to enroll in the course. The total you'll pay is $477.

Click here to purchase in-full using popular "Buy Now Pay Later" options like Affirm and Afterpay (save $80).

What if I still have questions?

If you have any more questions, please contact me at and I’m happy to give you more information! -Amy


"Amy has truly put together a comprehensive course that anyone can implement. I was particularly impressed with the personal advice and even videos to help answer my complicated questions.

If you are on the fence about starting, don't hesitate. It was well worth the price."

Amy S.
South Dakota (Zone 5)

Get Started Now!

Amy Fedele, Founder,

About Your Instructor

My name is Amy and I'm the founder of Pretty Purple Door. I've been a garden designer since 2014 and graphic designer since 2005. I help garden lovers design beautiful landscapes that are colorful in all four seasons, show off your personality and suit your lifestyle.

My work has been featured in publications like The Family Handyman, Buzzfeed, Country Living Magazine and more.

In my Design Your 4-Season Garden course, I teach the exact framework I use when designing gardens for myself and/or clients. This framework will give you the skills you need to confidently create a dream garden that's uniquely you. It's really fun and makes designing a garden a lot less stressful!

It wasn't always like this for me, though. I struggled a lot and nearly gave up on my dream garden. But once I figured out this step-by-step system, everything clicked for me.

Now, gardening has become such an amazing creative outlet for me. I know it's a hobby that will reward me for the rest of my life... and I want this for you, too. So, I'd love it if you'd join me inside the Design Your 4 Season Garden Course!

Testimonials from Happy Gardeners

 💜 Here's what some other home gardeners have to say about the Design Your 4-Season Garden course! As an educator, I couldn't be more proud of my amazing students.

"The planting pyramid made a big difference to how I approached the design. I was basically starting at the wrong end - thinking color, flowers, grasses - like trying to accessorize before I had decided on the dress. The pyramid put everything into perspective for me."


"Fantastic course. No other experience like it. Making these videos makes it so personal and easy for me. Plus... you've given me the courage to START! Well worth the money."


“The course is great. I feel more prepared when I walk into a garden center now. My trips don't feel as frenzied as they used to. I can pass a pretty flower now if it doesn't fit into my plan.”

-Cynthia C.

"Last week—before I found your course—I was so bored and restless. Now it seems I don't have enough time in the day to do/think about all the possibilities!"

Ginny F.
Washington (Zone 8)

"Am taking the class now and absolutely love every minute. Been gardening for years and there is a lot of wisdom here."

Joanie B.
Washington (Zone 8)

"Hello, I have watched 30% of the videos and I am already seeing some things I can do differently around here... I have big dreams now! Love your course!"

Cindy O.
Washington (Zone 8)

"I would definitely recommend this course to anybody, especially that person who is struggling to create a garden that makes them happy."

-Linda T.
Virginia (Zone 7)

"I found this course to be enormously helpful. Amy's guidance is straight forward and constructive and her laid back approach to garden design really inspires confidence."


"The step-by-step planning of a cohesive well-thought-out garden was exactly what I needed! This course has given me confidence that I can create a beautiful space in my yard for any season of the year."

-Jaime T.

“Thanks so much for this course. Over the years I definitely have made many of the mistakes you mention (buying lots of plants with an inadequate plan in mind, buying individual specimens instead of groups, forgetting about backbone evergreens) so my gardens have looked exuberant but messy.

I’m excited to revamp my beds and feel I now have the design information I needed to be able to do it with confidence. For me this course was definitely worth the money.”

Alison S.
South Dakota (Zone 5)

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This course is "fantastic, informative, fun, interesting, supportive, dynamic and, and, and...'

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU! DANKE SCHOEN! MERCI BEAUCOUP! EFHARISTO (I’m Greek-American and now Swiss)!

I learned so much alongside my Garden Design DIploma - UK - (14 courses with top Garden Designers & Experts i.e., Noel Kinsbury, Piet Oudolf, Michael King, Andy McIndoe, Lead Rosarian at David Austin Roses, Michael Marriot)...

Your course, Amy, brought it ALL together :)

BIg thanks for your tremendous research and sharing all of your gardening knowledge and for your passion for gardening, Amy!"

Garden Designer, UK