Plant Perfect Activity Book (Coil Bound)

What's Inside?

Plant Perfect Activity Book (Spiral Bound)

The Plant Perfect Activity Book is a functional & fun way to plan a “uniquely you” garden space. Learn how to plant for your peace and privacy with a landscape that compliments your style and beautifies your neighborhood.

This is a PHYSICAL 8.5" x 11" Activity Book with Spiral Binding that will be mailed to you. Standard shipping to a US address will take approx. 10-15 business days. Upon purchase, a digital version of this activity book will also be emailed to you. 

This activity book is a creative & fun way to get you thinking about your property in a whole new way… all while drawing, coloring and crafting your way through fun, hands-on garden design activities. 

Learn how to take cues from your wardrobe and home decor to infuse your personal style into yard. Adding your unique personality is the key to creating an outdoor space you'll want to go outside and spend time in!

Let’s face it—no property exists in a vacuum. I’ll show you how to reclaim your privacy, reduce noise, hide your neighbor’s garbage heap… or just learn exactly where the most peaceful place to enjoy your morning tea or coffee is.

Instead of plopping random plants in the ground and hoping for the best, get my process to expertly combine plants using simple shapes rather than relying on flower blooms that only last a few weeks.

Your landscape should be a reflection of those who will use it - so lets get them involved in the process! Everyone in the family can participate (even the kiddos).

Ready to dive into this fun (yet eye-opening) activity book? I’ll guide you through the process of designing a landscape that's uniquely you! 

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A Journey Through Your Garden

The purpose of this activity book is so that you can create and curate a personal space that you love. 

While we all want this, no yard is perfect. We all have good and bad parts of our landscapes. 

Through simple activities, I’ll show you how to overcome obstacles and place trees, focal points and other features in a way that emphasizes the positives and disguises the negatives.

Reduce noise and create privacy

It can be hard to imagine your dream garden when you're dealing with challenges outside of your control. Perhaps you're:

  • Living in a fishbowl, on display for all to see.
  • Struggling with pooling water due to a sloping yard or drainage issues.
  • Unable to relax because of honking horns and neverending road noise.

I'll show you how to see your property with a designer’s eye so you can resolve these common issues with a real landscape plan.

Envision your dream outdoor oasis

Want a serene area to sit and sip your favorite hot beverage or have an evening meal? Picturing a space filled with raised veggies beds and pollinator gardens?

No matter your vision, I’ll show you how sun levels, shade and other conditions can help you perfectly position important garden features.

Save money and trips to the garden center

It’s common to purchase plants at the garden center only to realize they aren’t right for your space. This is usually because of soil or drainage issues.

I’ll show you an easy way to test your garden soil inside of a mason jar, then use what you’ve learned to select the right plants. This is a fun project you can get the whole family involved in. 

Map out your entire landscape layout

Make an actionable visual diagram to create your dream landscape. I’ll show you how a garden can be divided into rooms with different purposes, just like the inside of your house! Then, how to come up with multiple landscape layout ideas quickly using simple circle and arrow and tools. 

Perfectly place your favorite plants

It's easy to get distracted by all the beautiful plants and flowers. But, where do you actually position the magical gardens you'll soon have on your property? I'll show you how to find the perfect place to showcase your plant babies. 

Turn your project into manageable phases

Using the Gardening Goals worksheets, I’ll show you how to prioritize your to-do lists so you have a clear plan to make your space a reality… whether you want to work on it over a few weekends, a few months or a few years.

Once you complete Plant Perfect, you'll have the visuals you need to turn your workbook into a beautiful, functional, real-life landscape design!

108 Pages of Hands-On Garden Design Activities!
For just $40.00


"I just bought the downloadable version of Plant Perfect Activity Book. Oh My Gosh! I am looking through it quickly and as we Polish people tend to say, I'm p**ing my pants over it!!! Thanks again so much!!"


"The paper doll approach is saving my life! All the options overwhelm me to the point of second, third, and fourth guessing myself... until I just put the map away and do nothing...

But now that I can just scoot these little plants around on my map, it's so much easier and less stressful to see what ideas could work and what isn't a good idea.

I'm so glad I got a printed copy of the Plant Perfect Activity Book. It's an awesome addition to the Design Your 4-Season Garden course!"

JR, Center CA (Zone 9)

The First Activity Book to Design a Garden You Love

Comprehensive, fun, hands-on activities for creating a beautiful & functional outdoor space!

✅ So simple, the whole family get involved.

Your landscape should be a reflection of you and your family - your needs, wants and personal style. That’s why I created this activity book so that ANYONE in your family can do it. Work on it together (or separately, then come together and compare results).

You’ll feel prepared and see how possible it is to integrate the unique needs and style of everyone who will use the space.

✅ Get expert (yet jargon-free) guidance on what matters most.

I’ll guide you through a series of activities to help you plan a landscape that compliments your style and enhances your neighborhood without sacrificing function -- which is where most homeowners go wrong. 

You’ll know you’re making "a beautiful difference" with an attractive and colorful landscape that has a positive impact.

✅ Gain peace & privacy without sacrificing style (or relationships with your neighbors).

Allow for privacy and peace in a neighbor-friendly space that oozes with your style while amplifying the look of your neighborhood. 

I’ll show you how to consider your proximity to neighbors, road noise, sun levels, utility lines (above & below) to decide where you might find the most peaceful place to sit and enjoy your favorite beverage.

What's Inside the Plant Perfect Activity Book?

Perfect Your Privacy

Stop guessing and learn how the pros position trees, patios, garden beds and other features to create beautiful AND functional spaces with loads of privacy.

Sun Mapping Made Easy

Make a sun map and learn why the amount of sun your space gets gives you clues to where to place important features and how to choose the right plants. 

Soil Test Made Simple

Learn how to test your soil in a mason jar so you can choose plants that will thrive in the type of soil and drainage you already have.

Bubble Drawing 101

Get out your markers and colored pencils as you make a simple bubble drawing using only circles and arrows. It's the easiest way to create an INTENTIONAL design - no expensive degrees or expert drawing skills required.

Fabulous Focal Points

Learn how and where to place focal points and features in your landscape so that your space will flow and be  balanced (while still feeling unique to you).

Combine Plants Like a Pro

Use simple plant shapes to visualize your garden layout and create a design that shines all year long rather than relying on flower blooms that only last a few weeks (at best).

Your Garden Roadmap

Complete a statement about your garden (mad-libs style) that will become the roadmap to your dream garden space.

Amplify Your Personality

Use your home and even your wardrobe to learn how to translate the styles, colors and decor you like into your garden.

Choose Materials with Ease

Match your unique garden style to the right types of hardscaping and features that will give your garden space a "uniquely you" look.

The Plant Perfect Activity Book is a fun and doable way to get your family involved in creating your dream oasis!

108 Pages of Hands-On Garden Design Activities!
Price TODAY Only: $40.00

You can also get JUST digital copy for $20 - click here.

(Note: If you purchase the physical book, you get the digital copy for free)

Who is this for?

You may be wondering if this activity book is right for you. If you can relate to any of the statements below, this book will help you:

  • You are just starting your landscape design project and are working with a blank slate.
  • You need to design not only garden beds, but the actual structure around it (like creating paths, placing patios, plant trees and creating focal points).
  • You have started a landscape design project but you don't love the way it's turned out and need to make some adjustments.
  • You love to garden but don't feel like your gardens are reflecting your style. 
  • You only have garden beds but no paths, patios or other structures in your space.
  • You want your landscape to flow and feel like one cohesive space but right now it's feeling disconnected.
  • You want a particular style for your design but aren't sure how to infuse that style into your landscape.

Who is this NOT for?

As with most books, Plant Perfect is NOT for everyone. Here are some reasons why you may not need this:

  • You already have a beautiful landscape that you love.
  • You have a definite garden style and your unique personality is infused into your garden. So, you aren't looking for more tips and tricks for improving upon it.
  • You already have the hardscaping (walkways, fences, structures, patios, focal points, etc.) installed in your landscape and just need help with choosing plants and filling your garden beds.
  • You are a pro at landscape design and don't need to learn the basic principles for how a space is created.
  • You know how to arrange plants and creating visual interest in a landscape.
  • You are looking for instruction on how to plant garden beds for 4-seasons of interest.

Most of these can be solved by my Design Your 4-Season Garden course, which is my recommendation for what to do AFTER you complete the Plant Perfect Activity Book.

If you still have questions and aren't sure if Plant Perfect is right for you, please email

About the Author

Amy Fedele, Founder of

I’m Amy and I teach garden lovers how to design impressively beautiful landscapes that are colorful in all four seasons, show off your personality and suit your lifestyle.

I have a diploma in Garden Design and Maintenance and I am also a professional graphic designer and (obviously) a garden lover. I’ve been teaching garden design for nearly a decade and have been featured by lots of publications like The Spruce, HomeTalk, Country Living Magazine, The Family Handyman, BuzzFeed and more!

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"Amy has many down to earth ideas. She always illustrates beautifully and gives a reason to what and why. She sparks your creative mind, even if you're not creative."

Valarie S.

"Everything Amy presents is 'doable' and I am having a wonderful time thanks to her encouragement! Can't say enough about Pretty Purple Door! Even if you aren't a gardener and don't have a green thumb, her enthusiasm and information will excite you into trying something new to spruce up your patio, porch or yard!"

Annalisa H.

Plant Perfect Activity Book
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$40.00 USD

You can also get JUST digital copy for $20- click here.

(Note: If you purchase the physical book, you get the digital copy for free)

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